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  • Our new instrument rentals are Premium student models, featuring top brands from Armstrong, Bach, Conn, Selmer, Holton, King, Leblanc, Ludwig, Musser, and Pearl.
  • Our pre-owned instrument rentals are complete Premium student model outfits that have been serviced through our in-house repair facility. Pre-owned instruments are subject to availability. 
  • Rent-to-Own Benefits:
    • 100% of payments are applied towards the ownership of the instrument. 
    • Optional return privilege at any time with no fee, month-to-month obligation. 
    • Rentals include Repair & Replacement coverage. This service provides parts and labor necessary to maintain the instrument in proper playing condition. In the event the playing condition of the instrument is affected from damage or normal wear and tear, we will repair or replace at no charge. This does not cover excessive cosmetic dents/damage or the loss of the instrument.  
    • 55% early payoff available at any time during the contract.